Mijian Xu

Ph.D Student of Seismology

School of Earth Science and Engineering, Nanjing University


I'm a PhD student at Nanjing University, School of Earth Sciences and Engineering. My research interests include crustal and upper-mantle structures and continental lithosphere dynamics. I have been working in Zhouchuan Huang‘s group since 2013, which focus on:

  • Earth structures of east Asia and the Tibet Plateau in Cenozoic
  • P and S wave seismic anisotropy and tomography
  • Subduction zones: structures, geodynamics and seismotectonics.

In this group, I have contributed to understanding the crustal and mantle transition zone structures in Tibet and surrounding regions using Receiver Function and its derivative method.

I'm an advocate of open source and developed the Seispy, SplitRFLab in seismic data processing.


  • Mantle Transition Zone Structures
  • Geodynamics of Tibetan Plateau


  • Ph.D Student in Geology, 2018 - Now

    School of Earth Science and Engineering, Nanjing University

  • Ms in Geophysics, 2013 - 2016

    School of Earth Science and Engineering, Nanjing University

  • BSc in Electronics, 2009 - 2013

    Jinling College, Nanjing University



Software Engineer


Jun 2017 – Jun 2018 Nanjing
Responsibilities include:

  • CRV test for digital unit in Base Station.
  • Automation developing for CRV test.
  • Continuous integration for iterations of operating system in digital unit.

Research Assistant

Nanjing University

Jul 2016 – May 2017 Jangsu, Nanjing



Crustal Structures in the SE Tibet

Moho depth and crustal deformation in the SE Tibet

Mantle Transition Zone Structure in SE Tibet

Using Receiver Function method to estimate the topography of MTZ under SE Tibet


A MATLAB GUI toolbox for receiver function analysis based on SplitLab

Recent Publications

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Source Codes


Seispy: Python module of seismology and receiver functions
CCCN: Cross-Correlation for Coda and Noise
BQMail: Python scripts to request seismic data from IRIS DMC


SplitRFLab: A Matlab toolbox of processing receiver functions and shear wave spliting


STALTA: Detecting microearthquakes using STA/LTA method